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Walters knows that businesses can sometimes get lost by giant waste hauling corporations.  The specialized needs of our customers are addressed with easily adaptable schedules and equipment.  This is the foundation of our success.  Our trucks are radio equipped and our drivers are extremely capable of handling any issue.

We can pick-up your garbage and/or recycling:

  • When you call for service
  • Once a month
  • Every other week
  • Up to 6 times a week (in certain areas)


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Service Areas

We provide commercial services to customers in Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey and Washington counties. 

For a quote or to have one of our experienced Territory Managers analyze your current level of service and provide you with cost-saving ideas, contact us at
(763) 780-8464 or

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Container Sizes

3 sizes of commercial bins

We have the following containers available for your use.  (Sizes are approximate and may vary according to manufacturer).
Standard Containers
                        Width                      Length                  Height
2 cubic yard            82”                       39”                         47”
3 cubic yard            82”                       46”                         56”
4 cubic yard            82”                       57”                         65"
6 cubic yard            82”                       72”                         61”
8 cubic yard            82”                       80”                         73”

Counter Balanced Lid Containers
                        Width                      Length                    Height                       
4 cubic yard            82”                        55”                        56.5”
6 cubic yard            82”                        72”                        60.5”

Dock Style Containers
                        Width                       Length                    Height
4 cubic yard            82”                        59”                        52”
6 cubic yard            82”                        70”                        62.5”
8 cubic yard            82”                        70”                        80.5”

Wheels are available on standard containers that are 4 cubic yards or less.

We also have a full line of compactors for large volume accounts and 10, 20, and 30 yard boxes for large one-time projects.


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Walters can provide your business with cardboard/paper recycling as well as Single Sort co-mingled recycling. 

For more information and help on deciding what containers best fit for your needs, just give us a call at (763) 780-8464 or email us at

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    Fuel Adjustment

    Walters Recycling & Refuse, Inc. is committed to providing superior services as well as attentive customer care. Since June of 2000, we have included a fuel surcharge on your invoices. Due to our inability to control variable the changes in fuel costs, and our desire to provide our customers with an equitable, tangible adjustment, we have instituted a fuel index. The fuel surcharge will be adjusted monthly based on the then current weekly U. S. Department of Energy published diesel price per gallon for the Midwest Region prior to the date that your invoice was generated. For example, if the DOE Midwest diesel fuel price prior to generating your invoice is $3.28 per gallon, your fuel surcharge would be 9.15%.

    We would like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty over the years - we appreciate it!
    The U. S. Department of Energy weekly diesel fuel prices

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Can I change the number of pick-ups per week during the year?
  1. A. Yes, we have many customers (such as golf courses, seasonal restaurants, etc) that change their service according to the level of business they do throughout the year.  Just give us a call when you would like to change your service.


  1. Q. The lids or wheels on my container are broken.  What should I do.?
    A.  Just give our Customer Service Department a call at (763)780-8464 to schedule replacement of your container.  There is no extra charge for this service.