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Did you Know?

Minnesota State law prohibits putting yard waste into your trash. By utilizing Walters’ Yard Waste Collection Service, your yard waste can be used to enrich gardens, improve soil conditions, be used as a soil additive, enhance soil texture, increase the ability of soil to absorb air and water, suppress weed growth, decrease erosion and reduce the need to apply chemical fertilizers.

Making Yard Waste Disposal Easier and More Environmentally Friendly


Regular mowing, leaving the clippings on your grass, provides the roots with needed shade and equals one chemical fertilizing per season. A lawn with a good build-up of grass clippings and mulched leaves also requires less water. Since most of us in residential areas water our lawns with city water, we would save on our water bills as well as on chemical fertilizer.

Walters Yard Waste Collection Service

We will pick-up yard waste on your regular pick-up day from April 15 through November 15.

Acceptable Materials:

• Leaves
• Grass Clippings
• Brush
• Weeds
• Small branches, tied and bundled

Acceptable Containers:

94 Gallon Cart94 Gallon Cart

Walters has 94 gallon carts available for compost. The wheels make it easy to maneuver and the lid keeps your yard waste contained. In the winter, the cart can be used for storage.

Call 763-780-8464 for more details.

Reusable Bag

Reusable Bag

Walters has reusable 30 gallon yard waste bags available. These sturdy bags are designed to last for years and are easily stored. Our driver empties the bags into the compost truck and leaves the bag(s) with you to use again and again.

Call 763-780-8464 for more details.


Customer CanCustomer Can

You can use your own cans, free of plastic bags. Walters will dump your can(s) each week.


Bio-degradable Bag

Bio-degradable bags and paper bags can also be used to collect your yard waste. These bags are available at most grocery, department and home improvement stores.

Bio-degradable Bags


Plastic Yard Waste Bag

Plastic yard waste bags do not bio-degrade with the yard waste. Therefore, our driver will have to debag the plastic bags and leave them at the curb. The cost per bag for this service is $2.50 per bag.





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